Jerk Uses ‘Fake Geek Girl’ Advisory Stickers to Harass Women at RTX

Harris O'Malley who is known better by his internet alter ego Doctor NerdLove (he gives love and sex advice to geeks) handed out stickers to poke fun at "fake geek girls." No doubt you have seen the fake dating sites featuring alleged gamers and geeks and the pictures featuring professional models dressed up as geeks to titillate men.

According to Kotaku, O'Malley created a "Fake Geek Girl Advisory" sticker and handed them out recently at RTX this weekend. RTX is an annual fan events put together by the fine folks at Rooster Teeth Productions, in case you didn't know. All was well until O'Malley was approached by RTX guardians (event volunteers who staff the convention) asking him about the stickers.

Apparently some unidentified male attendee decided to use them to harass female attendees. According to the report, the unidentified individual was slapping O'Malley's stickers on women's butts. The RTX Guardians asked O'Malley to put the stickers away:

"After establishing that I hadn't had anyone else handing them out for me and that I'd left several out and about as freebies, they told me that somebody was taking them and slapping them onto women's asses and the backs of their costumes," O'Malley told Kotaku. "They asked if I could refrain from handing out any more until they got the matter cleared up. Evidently they had a description of the guy and had everyone looking out for him."

Ultimately the RTX staff expelled two people for inappropriate behavior – harassment. One of those people was the person using the stickers.

After what happened at RTX O'Malley is considering getting rid of the stickers altogether.

He has a lot more to say about the whole ordeal in the Kotaku report and you can see his reaction to what happened as events unfolded over the weekend on his blog.

Source: Kotaku

Image via Kotaku.

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