Trayvon Martin Revenge Game Pulled from Google Play

An Android game featuring murdered Florida teen Trayvon Martin on a "revenge tour" has been pulled from the Google Play store, according to a report in Salon. The "Angry Trayvon" game, which developer Trade Digital said has been available since earlier this year, was pulled after the community expressed outrage on Twitter, Facebook, and via a petition asking Google to yank the game from its Google Play Store.

A search for the game's product page via the web returns a "not found" search error, as of this writing, but some claim they are still able to find it.

The paid app lets players take control of Trayvon as he uses a dagger, a baseball bat and other weapons against "bad guys" in various locales like Brooklyn, New York.

The outrage is due in part to the ongoing trial of George Zimmerman in Florida, who is being accused of murdering the teen. Attorneys for Zimmerman claim that the shooting was in "self defense."

Source: Salon


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