Canadian Video Game Awards Move to Toronto in 2014

The Canadian Video Game Awards will be held in Toronto next year, organizers announced this week. The awards that honor the Canadian video games industry and the games they create took place in Vancouver for the last few years. The change in venue is the natural progression of the event, say organizers.

"The intention has always been to have this a travelling awards show," said Nicole Emmett, director of business development for Reboot Communications which co-produces the awards show.

The main hubs for Canadian game development are in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, and the awards show will eventually make stops at all three locations. No word on if the event will take place in Toronto in 2015.

"They're all so different but equally important to the industry as a whole," said Emmett. "And we don't want to ignore one area over the other. And our goal is to really be an inclusive show."

The awards are produced by Reboot Communications and Greedy Productions and endorsed by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada. In case you didn't know, Greedy Productions is a Vancouver-based company founded by Victor Lucas, responsible for such game-related Internet and TV programs as Electric Playground Daily and Reviews on the Run.

You can find out more about the awards at

Source: Brandon Sun

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