Man Claims Wii Competition and Sex Wager Led to Wife’s Murder

A former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer claims that a bet on a Wii game competition involving sex as the prize was what triggered him murdering her in self defense. Keith Wiens is currently on trial for shooting his common law wife and faces a charge of second degree murder. Wiens testified this week, admitting that he fired a single shot into the head of Lynn Kalmring in August 2011 at their Penticton (British Columbia, Canada) home, but maintained that he did it in self defense because she was brandishing a knife.

Wiens testified on Thursday that the night before the murder the couple arrived home at 5 PM, drank alcohol, ate dinner and played an unnamed Wii game together. The game included a wager between the two involving sex.

On that night he lost the game and the bet, and went to bed at around 10:40 p.m.. In the bedroom he said that he found sex toys on his pillow, but moved them aside because he wanted to rest up for a golf game the next day. At this point, he claims, Kalmring became upset because he wasn't in the mood to settle the bet. Wiens claims that she woke him up and argued with him several times during that night. At one point she accused him of not wanting to have sex with her because he was no longer attracted to her, and that he wanted to go to work in Grande Prairie to get out of their relationship.

"I said, 'No, it’s nothing to do with that. I love you. I just need to get some sleep,'" he testified.

He went on to say that Kalmring was drunk and grew increasingly agitated before he told her to go to sleep in the spare bedroom, which she did. He then fell asleep, but woke later to her hitting him. The argument came to a head when he told her to pack her things and go live with her kids. It was at this point, he claims, that she snapped. After she left the room, he armed himself with the handgun he kept in his bedside table because he feared for his life.

“She was not Lynn. She was crazy and she’d just assaulted me when I was sound asleep, and I was worried about what was coming next.”

He claims that when she re-entered the room later she was armed with a knife and rushed him.

"I backed up … and I lifted up my gun and I shot her," Wiens said.

After she fell to the floor, he holstered his weapon, went to the bathroom and vomited, and then dialed 911. He got dressed and surrendered to police when they arrived.

Wiens claimed that the couple had very few arguments when they were together, but on cross-examination he admitted that they had had a few in the past. One time, he claimed, his wife got angry with him at a Willie Nelson concert because he wouldn't let her break into the singer's dressing room so she could flash her breasts at him.

Earlier in the week, forensic pathologist Dr. William Currie testified that the knife found in Kalmring’s hand by police was placed there after her death, because she would have dropped it if she’d been holding it when she was shot.

The trial continues today.

Source: Penticton Western News


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