MMO Developer Unistellar Industries Gets Trolled by Treehouse

Unistellar Industries is the sixth independent studio to receive a letter from the law firm representing Treehouse Avatar Technologies on July 1. Unistellar Industries operates the space-themed MMO Rise: The Vieneo Province. The subscription-based MMO game has been operating since 2006.

Yesterday in a statement issued to GamePolitics, Stephen F. Roth from Lerner, David, Littenberg, Krumholz & Mentlik (the law firm representing Treehouse) said that his firm was not sending out form letters to companies. But so far we have found six different firms that received the same letter on the same date.

Like the other letters sent out developers, the one addressed to Unistellar informed the company that it could be infringing on the 858 patent (U.S Patent 8,180,858) "Methods for Presenting Data Over a Network Based Network User Choices and Collecting Real-time Data Related to Said Choices."

To date we have confirmed that developers Unistellar Industries, GameSamba, Bad Pug Games, Prairie Games, eGenesis, and HiTech received the same letter from Treehouse dated July 1, 2013. You can check out a copy of the letter sent to Unistellar here (PDF).


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