Peace Games Seeking Developers to Help Support UN-Sponsored Peace One Day

Peace Games, a charity initiative launching in September to support the UN-affiliated Peace One Day, has put out a call to developers asking them to lend their time and efforts to help raise money. The goal of the program is to reach over 600 million people worldwide via messaging and events across all kinds of different media, including a 24-hour concert live-streamed via YouTube, performed by celebrities backing the cause.

Fronted by Playmob, Peace Games hopes to raise funds using in-game item sales, with the proceeds going to the global charities involved in the program. The initiative offers developers the chance to become part of a global effort to promote non-violence and help show that games and gamers aren't just about explosions, death, and violence.

"Peace Games is an industry initiative created to champion game developers within the month of September to showcase a unified front for supporting worthwhile causes in a non violent capacity," said Playmob's Parker Crockford. "This a unique opportunity for gamers to raise money for a global charity projects in their favorite games. So signup now and let's make a difference!"

You can learn more about the initiative at

Source: GII


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