Super Podcast Action Committee – Episode 60

In Episode 60 of the Super Podcast Action Committee, hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight talk about the latest SHIELD Act, the many letters of Treehouse Avatar Technologies, Nintendo's EVO misstep, Square Enix's bad idea to deal with jailbroken iOS devices, and fake geek girls. Download Episode 60 now: SuperPAC Episode 60 (1 hour, 13 minutes) 59.1 MB.

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    prh99 says:

    Zachary, I think you got some terminology confused.

    Unlocking, freeing a phone from it's carrier (moving a phone form At&t to Verizon). It is illegal to unlock your phone without a carriers permission since the Librarian of Congress repealed the exception to the DMCA. Doing it can actually land to in prison for something like 5 years, that is unless Obama, some members of congress, and the new FCC Chairman get their way and make the exception permanent. 

    Jailbreaking (sometimes called rooting), getting the phone to run software not sanctioned by Apple etc and access to the file system etc. Is legal for phones, but not tablets again cause of the Librarian of Congress and the arbitrary nature of DMCA exceptions.

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