Weapon in Spanish Murder Case Inspired by Dead Rising 2 Weapon

The heir to a €50 million fortune confessed to killing his father with a spiked bat he claims was inspired by a weapon he had used in Dead Rising 2, according to this Kotaku report. The crime is making headlines in Spain and has other ties to video gaming, according to several Spanish papers. The brutal June 30 slaying of Andreu Bennasar Coll.

On Friday 18-year-old Andreu Tur Coll confessed in open court to the killing, reports El Mundo. He said that he had fashioned the spiked bat in imitation of the Dead Rising weapon two months ago by pounding three four-inch nails into a wooden baseball bat.

Coll also said that he met his accomplice in the crime, 20-year-old Francisco Zaragoza Abbas Rodriguez, while playing Call of Duty online. Spanish publication Diario reports that Coll said he and Rodriguez played up Call of Duty together for 12 hours at a time. He also said he enjoyed playing Infamous 2 and Assassin's Creed III.

On June 30 the duo used the spiked bat, a vase, a hammer, and a large speaker to bludgeon Coll's father to death. Police say the victim was struck by the spiked bat at least 40 times. The motive for the crime was the money which Coll was the sole heir to. The two had apparently plotted the elder Coll's death for some time, at one point trying to slip a huge dosage of sleeping pills into a cake.

Shortly after the funeral both were arrested. The duo had tried to make the murder look like a robbery gone wrong and even attempted to clean up much of the evidence. Police still found traces of blood at the elder Coll's residence.

Source: Kotaku



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