GOG: Our Biggest Competition is Pirates

In an interesting and lengthy interview on Games.on.net Trevor Longino, Head of Marketing and PR at GOG.com shares his personal opinions on piracy, file-sharing and game sharing amongst friends. The interview also offers a lot of casual talk about gaming in general, but the most interesting part of the interview has to do with whom Good Old Games considerers its competition. Surprisingly it isn't Steam, GamersGate or any other digital distribution platform that sells PC games – it's pirates.

"We see pirates as our competition, we don’t see Steam as our competition," Longino says. "Because our goal is to be as close to the ease of use as a torrent tracker, where the process for finding a game on a torrent tracker is your search for the game name, you download it, you play it, that’s it. In our case, you search for the game name, you pay for it, you download it and you play it. And you really can’t subtract any of those steps and still have a legit enterprise happening here."

"So we’re doing everything we can to make it that simple, as opposed to if you’ve got DRM, you have to make the account on the service you’re buying the game from, then you have to download the game, then you have to make the account on the service the developer has, download the updates, start the game, see you have more updates, download those updates and then eventually you’ll be able to play the game. That’s like nine steps to get to play your game, where as we really do try and make it four and then you’re done."

Longino also talks about past marketing mistakes the digital distribution service has made, DRM, and a whole lot more. You can catch the first part of the interview here and the second part here.

Source: Escapist Forums

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