Sony Changes DRM Policy on Video Unlimited Services

Sony has quietly changed the digital rights management policy for its Video Unlimited feature on PlayStation devices. With the change in its DRM policy, consumers can now re-download purchased content from the company's Video Unlimited service. In a statement on the official website for the service, Sony detailed what this means to subscribers:

"The Video Unlimited service is your ticket to on demand entertainment – Hollywood's latest hit movies, select classics and TV shows from every major network – including movies and TV episodes in SD, HD, and 3D!

Movie rentals are available for viewing up to 30 days after purchase and can be viewed multiple times within 24 hours on the same device. If you purchase a copy, the video or TV show download will be available infinitely and can be transferred to other enabled devices."

The change adds cloud library support and re-downloads across all devices. Before this change in policy Video Unlimited users could not re-download purchased content.

You can learn more about the changes here.

Source: Polygon


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    GrimCW says:

    I'd be ecstatic if it weren't for the fact this seems not to affect old purchases.. at least none of mine are showing up anymore :(

    the download once and forget is why i stopped buying anything from PSN though, games aside…


    EDIT: okay maybe it does, but you need to go to your past downloads and digup the content manually.. apparently the store doesn't show it as already purchased and downloadable.. maybe something for the future?

    that or they need a sort and search for downloads. On the PC you can only dload direct to a PSP it seems… without that they won't download!! adn that won't accept HD content soo… 

    They need to pick Media Go back up and get it working again, this whole setup is way outdated and weird..

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