Sony’s Bid for Greatness Campaign Marred By Accusations of Cheating

A PSN account holder allegedly used ill-gotten PlayStation 3 and Vita trophies to bid on items in Sony's Bid for Greatness campaign. The campaign gives PSN users a chance to bid on one-of-a-kind props originally used by actors in the "Greatness Awaits" PlayStation 4 trailer that was shown during E3 2013 in a special auction. The campaign launched this week, and has already been tarnished by accusations of cheating, according to GameTrailers and PlayStation Lifestyle. The way the auction works is straightforward: a person who bids the most gold trophies wins the item, and then those trophies cannot be used again during the auction.

To take part in the auction players need to earn PS Vita and PS3 gold trophies to bid with, but something was off with one user named "Redsoxfan95," who had 1,050 gold trophies. He or she was the winner of the first auction for a Killzone: Shadow Fall costume. Some in the community looked through this user's profile and thought that there was something off about how quickly these trophies were earned.

Trophy tracking site PSN Profiles tweeted that the profile for "Redsoxfan95" looked suspicious, and accused the user of "using illegitimate methods to obtain trophies." PlayStation Lifestyle followed that up by closely examining the profile and found that this user had gone from 6,500 trophies to 14,000 trophies in a single day. The Gamer Card for this individual also showed that "Redsoxfan95" earned 8000 trophies between the middle of November 2012 and Jan. 2, 2013.

These revelations were enough for PlayStation Digital Platforms community manager Morgan Haro to announce via Twitter that the company would "look in to this with the teams and we'll examine."

We'll have more on this story as it develops.

Source: Polygon


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