Cancer Research UK Hires Guerilla Tea for ‘GeneGame’

UK-based charity Cancer Research UK has hired Dundee, Scotland-based game developer Guerilla Tea to build its first mobile phone game designed to help pinpoint new genetic causes of cancer and accelerate potential new cures. Cancer Research UK's scientists will work closely with Guerilla Tea to develop a game (working title "GeneGame") that will allow anyone with a smart phone to help analyze gene data. We assume that the game will be fun in some way to encourage more engagement. The game will launch in the UK later this year.

Dundee-based Guerilla Tea was chosen by Cancer Research UK with help from games expert Channel 4’s games commissioner Colin Macdonald. The charity says that it chose the studio because it "most closely fulfilled the brief to develop a game format that is both fun to play but simultaneously feeds highly accurate analysis of variations in gene data to Cancer Research UK’s scientists."

Guerilla Tea will also consolidate the data, expertise, and formats generated at Cancer Research UK’s GameJam event in March 2013. The event brought together the charity’s scientists with over fifty computer programmers, gamers, graphic designers and other specialists from Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google and games technology academics from City University London and Omnisoft.

GeneGame is the charity’s second project designed to take advantage of the public to help analyze these huge amounts of data. The first initiative, Cell Slider, launched in October 2012, and allows the public to classify archived breast cancer samples.

You can learn more about the good work this charity is doing here.


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