VZVB Promises Lawsuit Over Steam Software Resale Rights

According to Gaming Blend, the Federation of German Consumer Organizations (VZVB) is reportedly looking to challenge Valve's stance on digital trade-ins in court before the end of the year. The VZVB is pursuing legal action regarding Steam's inability for its customers to resell the software they buy. The group had promised in February that it planned to sue Valve.

"Unfortunately a date of the trial is not fixed, we hope it will take place this year," said the Federation's representative Eva Hoffschulte (via Gaming Blend). "Until then, it is not realistic that Valve will change their policy."

Hoffschulte added that if the case can be heard in court it is likely that Steam would be forced to allow users to trade in their games.

"Our chance to win the process is very good and that will be really an improvement for consumers: then they can sell their games to others," she said.

Valve said back in February that it had not seen a complaint from the group, and that a German court had already ruled in a previous court case that Valve was not violating German law.

Of course, it would probably make more sense to sue Valve in a European Court instead of taking the fight to a German Court, but that is where the group is headquartered and it is fighting for the rights of German consumers… Earlier in the month the European Court of Justice ruled that customers have a right to resell software they purchase on a physical medium or downloaded over the Internet.

Source: Gaming Blend by way of GameSpot

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