Wargaming, Stardock, and Rebellion Score Big IP from Atari Auction

New U.S. Bankruptcy Court documents obtained by Gamasutra reveals some of the companies that managed to successfully bid on various Atari franchises that were being sold off at auction as the company liquidates its assets as part of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to the documents, seven companies put bids on various franchises, though some of those were "back-up" bids in the event the original bid fell through. Those companies include Wargaming, Stardock Systems, Tommo, Uber Entertainment, Rebellion Interactive Games, Uber Entertainment, and On The Go Technology.

Wargaming secured the rights to Total Annihilation, the popular RTS game franchise created by Chris Taylor, who is now the General Manager of the company's U.S. division. Uber Entertainment put a back-up bid in on that property. Wargaming also secured the rights to the beloved 4X space strategy series Master of Orion, with Stardock putting a back-up bid.

Rebellion scored the rights to Battlezone (Tommo put in a back-up bid) and the Moonbase Commander franchise.

Stardock Systems secured the rights to the Star Control franchise, with back-up bid from On The Go Technology.

The popular sports game series for kids, Backyard Sports was bid on by Epic Gear.

Finally, Humongous franchises Fatty Bear's Birthday Surprise and Math Gran Prix were secured by Tommo.

Atari's RollerCoaster Tycoon and Test Drive franchises were not mentioned in the documents, nor was Master of Magic.

The full sale hearing is due to take place later this week on July 24, 2013, when the asset sales will be finalized. Financial terms of these deals were not disclosed in the documents.

Source: Gamasutra

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