GTA V PC Petition Surpasses 200K Signature Mark

A petition on calling for a PC version of Rockstar's upcoming game Grand Theft Auto V has over 200,000 signatures. While Rockstar hasn't ruled out a PC version, the company has not officially announced that it is working on it either. With GTA IV, Rockstar released a PC version eight months after the console game releases.

The petition jumped from 100,000 signatures in November 2012 to 150,000 in February of this year. Now the signatures are well above 200,000.

Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser said in the past the a PC version of the open-world game was "up for consideration," though that's all the company has said on the matter to date.

It should be noted that Rockstar has released a PC version of every GTA game so far, and GTA V will not likely be an exception to that long standing precedent.

If you are interested in signing on to the petition, visit this link.


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