Mechwarrior Online Offers ‘Sarah’s Jenner’ for Cancer Charity

Mechwarrior Online is honoring a five-year-old player who died of brain cancer in May by selling a special mech, with the proceeds going completely to charity. Earlier this year, five-year-old Sarah Marie Alida Parries of Vancouver (who was a big fan of MechWarrior and played the game with her dad Jon) died from complications with inoperable brain cancer.

After her passing, fans within the MWO community asked that special hero mech be created to honor her and to be sold for charity. Piranha Games listened to the community and created "Sarah's Jenner," which it unveiled today (pictured left). Now that mech is available for $10 which will go to the Canadian Cancer Society.

"Sarah's Jenner" will be available until August 10. The mech can't be purchased with C-Bills, cannot be resold, and comes bundled with its own exclusive mech bay for storage.

You can learn more about "Sarah's Jenner" here and here.

Source: Escapist

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    GrimCW says:

    Normally i'd just earn my way with in game currencies rather than pay up, but for this.. i may consider getting it.

    good on them.  the downside is they're only doing it for such a limited time. This should remain up so future players and the like can get in on it and continue to support the cause.


    Though i still wish they'd "reboot" the series and just go back to the clan wars, but keeping the same ol' mechs. With todays tech it could be an amazing thing.

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