Video Standards Council Releases Annual Report on UK Video Games Ratings

The Video Standards Council has published its first annual report since it was designated as the UK's regulatory body for classifying video games on July 30, 2012. The report covers the last 5 months of 2012, and offers a brief history of the VSC, a description of what it does, and how it uses PEGI in the UK for all types of games.

The most interesting aspect of the new report is just how many games were classified and under what category for the UK.

The statistics show that over 50 percent of video games that were rated in the second half of 2012 were suitable for children (PEGI 3 or 7 ratings). These games did not contain anything which would be unsuitable for young children. Approximately 613 (33.8 percent) games were given an age rating of 3; 388 were rated 7 (21.4 percent); 418 games (23 percent) were given an age rating of 12; 224 were given an age rating of 16 (12.4 percent); and 170 games (9 percent) were given an age rating of 18. A total of 1,813 were rated in the last five months of 2012.

Another interesting set of statistics is how many complaints or enquiries the VSC received in those last five months of 2012. According to the data, only 71 complaints related to ratings were received; 7 complaints related to advertising; 554 requests for more information on PEGI; 178 questions or comments on ratings; 113 complaints via; 122 for uncategorized complaints or comments; and 313 queries related to technical difficulties.

You can check out the full report here (PDF).


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