Character Chowdown Adds Disgaea Favorites

NIS America has added some new characters to its educational iOS puzzle game, Character Chowdown. The in-game content, which will cost you roughly $0.99 a pop, includes characters from the popular Disgaea series such as Laharl, Prinny, Mao, and Flonne. Other downloadable content includes the Hiragana pack and seven different Kanji packs.

Character Chowdown is a free-to-play educational puzzle game that teaches players how to read Japanese characters. Through repetition and easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics Character Chowdown teaches players about hiragana, katakana, and hundreds of kanji characters in a "fun, quick, and casual way." The game can also tell which characters players have already mastered and which ones they need to work on.

You can learn more about the game on Apple's App Store.

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