EA Scores Big with Apple Devices, SimCity Hits 2 Million Sales Milestone

In an interview with GamesBeat, EA's Frank Gibeau revealed a couple of interesting facts about the company. The first fact he revealed is that Apple was the company's biggest partner in the last quarter, raking in an estimated $90 million in app sales. The game that made the most money for EA on iOS devices was The Simpsons: Tapped Out. EA's sales through Apple's Store represented about 18 percent of its business. EA also saw a dramatic shift from retail to digital: digital revenue came to $378 million, which means that less than a quarter of EA's $495 total in revenue came from traditional sales.

But Gibeau points out that EA's plays into the mobile space and its success there is not a flash in the pan or some sort of experiment:

"It’s not an experiment," EA's Frank Gibeau tells GamesBeat, "it’s a full commitment — we burned the ships and marched inland."

EA also revealed that SimCity has sold right around two million units, up approximately 400,000 units in the latest quarter. Gibeau said that the feedback from SimCity has "inspired" the company to make the next game in the series feature an offline mode.

Source: GamesBeat



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