Microsoft: No Kinect-Free Xbox One Release Planned

If you were hoping to buy an Xbox One without a Kinect and believed some of the rumors that a SKU would be available that featured only the console in Summer 2014, then you will be sad to hear that it just isn't true. Microsoft today shot down rumors that the Kinect or the console could be purchased separately.

"We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect. We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One," a Microsoft representative told GameSpot.

The statement came in response to reports that Microsoft would release a Kinect-free Xbox One in summer 2014.

The Xbox One launches in November – with Kinect included – for right around $500.

Source: GameSpot


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    Neeneko says:

    Well, there are two pieces… if one can buy an xbox without kinect, and if one can use an xbox without kinect.

    The first one is an economic hit, but when you buy a console it is loaded with all sorts of hardware and features that any individual user may or may not care about, and often it is cheaper for the company to have fewer (or just one) feature bundles then it is to have multiple SKUs, thus unbundling might not actually result in savings.

    The second one is more of a conern.  If the xbox actually requires kinect to be connected or going even further, requiring a field of view.. that is going pretty far.

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    lomdr says:

    And with that, no Xbone in my house.  I'm sorry, but I'm not going to have a Kinect in my house after Microsoft has been actively unencrypting messages between users

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