Report: Microsoft Will Change Policy on Xbox One Software Publishing Requirements

Update: Microsoft has confirmed that "every Xbox One" can be used to make games, meaning that every unit can in fact be turned into a development kit, or debug unit. Kotaku offers this statement from Microsoft on the matter:

" Our vision is that every person can be a creator. That every Xbox One can be used for development. That every game and experience can take advantage of all of the features of Xbox One and Xbox LIVE. This means self-publishing. This means Kinect, the cloud, achievements. This means great discoverability on Xbox LIVE. We'll have more details on the program and the timeline at gamescom in August."

Original Story: Microsoft will announce a change in its publishing requirements on the Xbox One, according to this Game Informer report. During E3 week way back in June Microsoft said that it would not allow independent developers to "self-publish" games. In order to publish a game on the system developers would have to partner with Microsoft or a third-party publisher. For obvious reasons many game developers hate this policy and considered it discriminatory to indies.

Like many of the controversial announcements Microsoft made about the Xbox One during E3, the company has decided to change that policy.

Sources close to the situation are telling tell Game Informer that Microsoft will reverse course on its publishing requirement and allow independent studios to access digital distribution without a publishing partner.

Game Informer is also reporting that Microsoft will "drastically overhaul" its certification process. The company will use a model similar to iTunes and is targeting a 14-day turnaround for approvals. Microsoft's new certification process will focus on terms of service violations and significant bugs instead of extensive code checking.

Game Informer has also heard rumors that "any Xbox One" can be turned into a debug unit.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

Source: Game Informer


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