Second Game Released from the 2013 Life. Love. Game Design Challenge

Jennifer Ann’s Group has released the third-place winning video game from the 2013 Life. Love. Game Design Challenge. The 2013 Life. Love. Game Design Challenge asked developers to create games that raised awareness about the dangers of Teen dating violence. Jennifer Ann's Group is a charity dedicated to the cause and named after Jennifer Ann Crecente, who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend.

The third-place winner is called "YourSpace" and was developed by Dreamfeel (Paul McGee, Sam Gross, Lyndsey Moulds, Ross McWilliam, and Kay Faraday) from Ireland.

YourSpace puts an emphasis on the technology used among teens and how it is often utilized in perpetuating dating abuse. A 2009 study by MTV and Associated Press revealed that half of all people ages 14-24 claim that the person they were dating used technology (texting, email, or a networking site like Facebook or tumblr) to harass them.

You can download the game for free here. The game will be made available for iOS and Android devices soon.

"With YourSpace I wanted to tell a story that was relatable to the changing face of social interaction between teenagers today, so I invented a fictitious social network," said principal designer Paul Andrew McGee. "Creating these stories was a rewarding challenge itself, but the real lasting impact on myself from this game's development was everything I learned about Teen Dating Violence."

"Teen Dating Violence is a vital issue today, particularly for how unnoticed and imperceptible it can often be," he added. "It's inspiring to see charities like Jennifer Ann's Group embracing interactive entertainment as a means to communicate their message and raise awareness."

More games from the challenge will be released in the days and weeks ahead. You can learn more about Jennifer Ann's Group by visiting


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