Guncraft Hits Steam Aug. 9

Even though Guncraft was released earlier this month on the PC for $15, developer Exato knows that getting it on Steam is important for driving sales. The company revealed today that the game will debut on Steam August 9 and is asking fans to help it design Steam Trading cards specific to the platform.

Guncraft, in case you didn't know, is an open-world building game that combines Minecraft-like visuals and play with elements from a first-person shooter. Players can design levels, weapons, vehicles, and characters to use in a variety of different modes online and offline. The game will launch on Valve's digital distribution platform with Steam achievements and leaderboard support, online and LAN play, and eight different multiplayer modes.

For more information on the Trading Card contest, check out Check out the video to your left for more info about the game.

Source: GamesBeat

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