Mad Catz Reveals Mojo, an Android-Based Home Console

In an extensive report over on CVG, Mad Catz reveals its entry into the growing Android-based home console market. The new system is called "Mojo." The difference between the Mojo and other Android-based consoles such as Ouya is that it won't lock users into buying games from a custom app store, according to Mad Catz. Users will have access to Google Play, Amazon's App Store, and Nvidia TegraZone.

The Mojo will come with a controller that is similar to an Xbox 360 controller and will support Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Smart 4.0 technologies. The controller will support input modes including GameSmart mode, which offers standard controls for Android games that carry gamepad support; a mouse mode to support touch screen (and can be used with a USB mouse); and PC mode which allows the device to be used as a standard PC controller.

Alex Verrey, the global PR director for Mad Catz, told CVG that not all touch screen games will work, but said that the company is working on a solution.

While technical specs on the system are being kept under wraps, Mad Catz claims that it is capable of streaming 1080p content from sources such as Netflix and LoveFilm. It will also offer "16GB internal storage" and a microSD expansion slot and two USB slots.

The Mojo is tentatively scheduled for release this Holiday season. Price and other details are to be announced.

Source: CVG

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