Xbox One Benefit: For The Children

While many are still parsing last night's announcement that every Xbox One console can basically be used as a debug unit to create and test Xbox One games – including many who want to wait and hear more when Microsoft talks about it at the upcoming Gamescom event – Microsoft is pushing another angle: how youngsters can use it to create games too.

Last night's announcement was a complete reversal in policy from what the company said at E3; that indie developers would either have to partner with Microsoft or a third-party publisher in order to get their games on the platform.

After yesterday's announcement, Microsoft Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer took to Twitter to detail another benefit to consumers interested in designing games:

While this is some interesting news that has developer types either excited or cautiously optimistic, there are still a lot of unknown variables. For example, how will revenue sharing work, how will games be promoted, will certification be different for indie titles, and will would-be developers have to subscribe to some sort of developer network?

Hopefully Microsoft will deliver all the answers to these questions at Gamescom in August…

Source: GameSpot

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