Bizarre Japanese Sex Game Gets Oculus Rift Support

An erotic Japanese game that utilizes a phallic-shaped controller device now has Oculus Rift support to boot. The game is called Custom Maid 3D and it lets players create a maid that you can then commit various sexual acts on using a "Ju-C Air Support" controller. The controller is like a PlayStation Move controller that is also an interactive sexual aid for men. You get the general idea of what this game is really all about…

Well now this game offers Oculus Rift support so you can be even creepier. A (likely) NSFW video can be seen below. It's on YouTube so it's not too overly explicit and it is in Japanese so you'll likely not understand what is going on anyway.

The game has been out since February in Japan, but the Oculus Rift integration is fresh news…

Source: Destructoid

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