Bizarre Japanese Sex Game Gets Oculus Rift Support

An erotic Japanese game that utilizes a phallic-shaped controller device now has Oculus Rift support to boot. The game is called Custom Maid 3D and it lets players create a maid that you can then commit various sexual acts on using a "Ju-C Air Support" controller. The controller is like a PlayStation Move controller that is also an interactive sexual aid for men. You get the general idea of what this game is really all about…

Well now this game offers Oculus Rift support so you can be even creepier. A (likely) NSFW video can be seen below. It's on YouTube so it's not too overly explicit and it is in Japanese so you'll likely not understand what is going on anyway.

The game has been out since February in Japan, but the Oculus Rift integration is fresh news…

Source: Destructoid

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    GrimCW says:

    I wish it were about facts still…

    watch any news station, or read any newspaper these days and its all LOADED with opinion now.

    As if reporting is now just a glorified version of blogging instead of the other way around. Its getting sickening. To the point i don't even bother with the news much anymore, if i need to know it i'll hear about it eventually.


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    Bennett Beeny says:

    I agree with DorthLouis. GP seems to have a weird prudish attitude to sex in gaming that doesn't mesh at all with the even-handed or even liberal attitude it has towards any of the other controversial topics.

    Maybe GP should stick to the facts and let readers decide for themselves if sex games are "bizarre" or "creepy". No matter how much some of todays media outlets might want it to be otherwise, journalism is about facts, not opinion.

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    Ultimate_Nova_X says:

    I'm not American, so I don't pay much attention. I know the FCC was a bad example since I only hear they control the TV media. My point in the example was "underage appearance vs. actual age" as well as the cultural norms.

    And yes, I did mean insult, thanks for pointing out my spelling error. Although I would think either word weighs almost the same in this case.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    What are you talking about?  What does the FCC have to do with video games?  Nudity isn't censored in North America with mosaics or censor bars.

    And I've no doubt the game does clarify the age of its characters but that has nothing to do with James thinking they look underage and he appears to find the idea of someone essentially masturbating to such representations to be on the creepy side.  If you don't agree, that's cool.

    "I do wish future articles avoid lines such as this because it can be a direct verbal assault to the potential player(s) of this game."

    Assault?  That interpretation is a bit overboard, don't you think?  Did you mean "insult"? 


    Andrew Eisen

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    Ultimate_Nova_X says:

    I'll try not to repeat what DorthLous said.

    I'm not bothered by those specific adjectives in particular. But as the above poster said, to put it in more flattering terms (though I am being sincere), we care about the site relatively more than other sites given the news it covers. So seeing this case in terms of "non-neutral editing" rise up would have been easier to draw our attention and concern.

    As for the terms and how the article itself was written, as we all know, it's completely cultural. Given how Americans censor nearly the entire body (pun intended) of this "sex genre", this sort of initiative is already internalized when presented with such a topic. Whether an individual wants to move beyond that is up to them.

    About the age thing, I'll get it out of the way first, the FCC only cares about looks, or more honestly, doesn't care at all. If it's a 765 yr old demon fox in human form with an AAA chest and 135cm in height, she will be immediately granted with 2 holy chocolate bars as soon as she crosses over the pacific.

    But I guarantee you, the girls in the game this article covers is at least 18. Why the confidence? Because in Japan, child porn is illegal there as well. So despite the appearance, while I can understand if one points out that they look underage, to say that they are is jumping it.

    Finally, this is found in the article:

    Well now this game offers Oculus Rift support so you can be even creepier.

    I do wish future articles avoid lines such as this because it can be a direct verbal assault to the potential player(s) of this game.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    No problem and I agree that "no topic is off limit to an art form."  I just didn't get the impression that James was suggesting that (or that such a game is harmful).


    Andrew Eisen

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    DorthLous says:

    Ok, thanks for the reply, it did clear some things up. My reply to James was clearly too high horse, I didn't mean it. Just assume I meant what I wrote in my first post and leave it at that.

    As for your definition of bizarre, as in, outside of the norm, sure, I'll grant it (it's even how it should be used), but, being frank, you know as well as I do it's often used pejoratively and, combined with the creepy, gave it another flavor.

    For the opinion bit, I agree that GP is not shy of it and I don't usually hold it rigor; however, it is also often accompanied by an editorial notice and since GP is such a great websites for gaming news, when it isn't, it does bother me (which I hopefully, at least in my original post, expressed fairly.)

    What I meant about the 15-25 was not the actual age, but how, in 3D at least, most anime adults have been shown recently (again, not drawings nor actual teens, just the 3D adult women.)

    Hope that clear the air. I still think you guys are great custodians of GP, but I mean, if we truly mean no topic is off limit to an art form, we should stick to that, at the very least until some harm can be proven.

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    I don't see James jumping on anything nor do I detect any "self-righteous rage."

    Honestly, I don't see why you're up in arms over these two adjectives.  A game you control by sticking your erect penis in a specially made controller is bizzare.  It's a subjective word, sure but I think we can all agree that that's a bit outside the norm.

    As for creepy, that's obviously an opinion, something GamePolitics is not shy about offering.  If you don't think the game is bizzare or creepy, that's cool.  But no one has suggested the game should be banned or people who play it should be locked up or shot or something.

    And just to be clear, despite the wording, the "they're underage" thing is an opinion, not a statement of fact.  I spoke with James about this topic before he made his comment and he said, "I mean they look like little kids to me in the video."  He said they "looked" young on Facebook too.  So, yeah.  While the characters may be officially over 18, to James, they look underage and that's one of the things he finds creepy.  I can only guess that he didn't feel the "creepy" adjective in the article needed an explanation in this case.

    Also, I disagree with your "15-25" average age range for the average anime girl.  Again, totally subjective but I've seen very few anime girls that look to be in there 20s (one of the reasons I have a fondness for the otherwise unremarkable Silent Mobius).  In fact, most anime characters are school kids so they're well under 20.  But that's neither here nor there, just something I wanted to point out.


    Andrew Eisen

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    DorthLous says:

    Neither your article OR the linked article OR the linked articles from that article mentions that the girls are underage. The video is in Japanese. And it is common for 3D anime character, even in anime show or games without sexual content to look like a generic 15-25 aged girl. Now, if you think they looked underage, you could have mentioned that. Or, if you have a source stating their age. But so far, you just seem to have jumped on this without reason. And you know what? I'd rather a pedophile gets his fancy in a video game than on a real kid, even if they *were* underage. Contrarily to popular media belief, most studies in the field seem to show a declines of actions per capita with an increase in media displaying it. Sure, it's a correlation, but it's still better than a self-righteous rage not grounded on science and at odds with everything else we always defend on this website.

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    james_fudge says:

     A game about having sex with underaged girls and that comes with a device you put on your penis to pretend that you are having sex with underaged girls is creepy. If that's being prudish then I am officially a prude. If this game had adult women or men in it I would not have used those adjectives. Now you can lambaste me with whatever comments you like.

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    Ultimate_Nova_X says:

    No but that doesn't justify the context.

    Saying this is bizarre and creepy is about as fair as saying any American published game such as GTA and the like "sick", "disheartening", "grotesque", etc.

    To my knowledge, none of the editors from this site are not from America, which hinders the whole site in particular.

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    DorthLous says:

    "Bizarre", "creepy"… Sometimes you're as bad with sex as others are with drugs or violence in video games. It's a media and it cover the gamut of wants and interests of people, including one of the most basic one. Seriously, pretty much everyone in their lifetime will have sex, watch porn and masturbate. It's ok.

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