World of Warcraft Loses More Subscribers

As part of its announcement this morning that it would break the iron grip of Vivendi's controlling interest, Activision Blizzard revealed that World of Warcraft subscriber numbers have fallen to 2007 levels. The number of paying World of Warcraft monthly subscribers has dropped to 7.7 million, according to Activision Blizzard. That's close to what the game had in 2007 before The Burning Crusade helped it break into the 8 million subscriber mark. The game's biggest numbers to date are from October 2010 when it had 12 million subscribers.

In May Activision Blizzard reported 8.3 million subscribers and way back in February that number was 9.6 million.

While Blizzard isn't quite ready to throw in the towel and transform World of Warcraft into a free-to-play game, the company has been experimenting with different business models like in-game micro-transactions. And having nearly 8 million players still willing to pay for your game is still pretty impressive…

Source: Eurogamer


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