Artist Uses Kinect to Create Real-World Art

Using Kinect, an artist named Luke Jerram has created an interesting pixilated sculpture of his daughter Maya. Using an Xbox Kinect, some aluminum sheets and more than 5,000 colored stickers, Mr. Jerram has built a sculpture on Platform 1 at Bristol Temple Meads train station in the U.K.

Jerram describes his creation as a three-dimensional pixilated portrait. What is interesting about the sculpture is that it looks like a little girl standing alone from a distance. A closer view gives the impression that the object is broken into smaller cubes.

"This project has stemmed from Jerram's ongoing research of visual perception and optical illusions," reads the artist's statement on Jerram's website. "The fact that he is colorblind has given him a natural interest in exploring 'the edges of perception.'"

The project is part of the Bristol Temple Quarter Commissions. Polygon has more details on this interesting piece of art, but you can get a first-hand look in the video to your left.

Source: Polygon

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