Edward Snowden Runs in Snowden Run 3D

What do you get when you cross endless runner gameplay (think Temple Run) elements with an Edward Snowden escapade? You get an endless runner called Snowden Run 3D. The third-person perspective runner was created by Michele Rocco Smeets, who wanted to create a game that highlighted (for the sake of comedy) Snowden's whistle-blowing activities, the NSA's PRISM and mobile phone surveillance programs and his final real-world destination in Russia.

In the game players collect USB sticks and laptops containing sensitive information while being chased by Agent Jake, whose mission is to arrest him and send him to Guantanamo Bay. Players can also call "Uncle Putin" on their cellphones so he can drop a hydrogen bomb to clear obstacles.

"The game does not point a finger to either the US agencies and companies involved in the data-collection scandal nor Mr. Snowden," writes creator Michele Rocco Smeets. "It attempts to remain neutral as far as a parody can be unbiased. There is absolutely no political motivation behind this game nor am I affiliated with any government agencies or Mr. Snowden."

The game is freely available on the creator's web site.

Source: Kotaku


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