Guitar Hero Co-Inventors Tackle Fitness Using Games

Guitar Hero co-inventors Kai and Charles Huang are working on a new project through their new company Blue Goji that will make active gaming a lot more interesting. Blue Goji hopes to make exercising a regular habit for more people by using fun games to distract them while they work out. The startup, which was quietly founded in late 2011, will start talking about its plans this week, but AllThingsD has the first details on what the duo have been working on.

Blue Goji’s goal, Huang told AllThingsD in a recent interview, is simply to make time go faster while people use machines such as treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes using the power of gaming. The company plans to release a bundle of fitness accessories by the end of this year that can track physical activity and let users control specialty games, designed for enhancing and rewarding exercise, on mobile devices.

“The objective is to make them so fun that you want to come back, and you want to play them, and fitness becomes a byproduct,” Blue Goji CEO Kai Huang told AllThingsD.

Blue Goji will start by making the games in-house, with the end goal of becoming a platform open to outside developers. The end goal is to create a product like Guitar Hero that has "mass appeal."

The package will contain three main components inside: an activity tracker, a controller (which AllThingsD describes as "two adjustable-width black bands, each with two buttons on them, in blue, yellow, red and green); and two lightweight batons. The idea is that these things will easily be incorporated into workouts involving exercise machines.

Blue Goji has not revealed pricing quite yet but the first bundle is currently slated to come out with iOS and Android compatibility in time for the 2013 holiday shopping season.

Source: AllThingsD


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