MineThon 3 Charity Event Kicks Off August 2

Lazy Gamer points out that MineThon 3 is set to kick off beginning on August 2. MineThon is an annual gaming marathon to raise charity for the AbleGamers Foundation. The 72-hour Minecraft gameplay marathon is broadcast live over Twitch and encourages viewers to stop by, make a donation and get a chance to win some cool prizes in the process.

Some of the prizes that donors can win include T-Shirts, Creeper etched drinking glasses and Creeper beanies. If you are willing to make a donation of $15 or more, you can get added to the MineThon 3 Minecraft Server white list, and those willing to donate $20 or more can score additional server benefits.

You can learn more about this year's event at www.minethon.com. For more information on AbleGamers, visit www.ablegamers.com.

Source: Lazy Gamer


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