‘Pay to Win’ Upgrades Being Dumped in Epic Quest for Mighty Loot

Ubisoft's free-to-play online strategy RPG Epic Quest for Mighty Loot is going to dump 'pay to win' microtransactions, according to Joystiq. The game's developers announced today that certain in-game items will be removed from the in-game store because they unbalance the game for players that aren't willing to pay. In an upcoming update Ubisoft will remove machinery upgrades, which some players claim made the game feel more like a "Pay to Win" game, instead of "free to play."

"We realize that letting players purchase machinery upgrades went too far in what we think feels fair to monetize," the Mighty Quest team wrote on the game's website. "We are hereby rolling back the major premium currency mechanic changes, which will arrive in game in an upcoming maintenance."

On a related note, an "Open House" event for the game begins today and runs until August 6. These events allow anyone with a Uplay account to jump into the game and give it a try. The Open House will also offer an in-game event called "Unleash the Chickens," which encourages all players to kill at least 10 million chickens. If this global number is met, the chicken will be made available as a new castle defense. In addition, anyone who buys "Double O" packs will gain permanent access to the game's closed beta after the Open House event ends.

Sign up here for the Open House.

Source: Joystiq


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