Filmmaker Says Facebook is a Public Utility

Libertarian publication offers an interesting interview with filmmaker Cullen Hoback, who says that Facebook and other internet services are a lot like public utilities.

Hoback is working on a new documentary about digital privacy in the Internet age called "Terms and Conditions May Apply." The title was inspired by the privacy policies we all agree to when we uses services such as Facebook, Google, AT&T and any other notable or popular digital service in 2013.

"Everything in our digital lives has this contract associated with it," Hoback tells "Everything moved into 1s and 0s and 1s and 0s can be tracked and traced."

The documentary film crew eventually ends up at the doorstep of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, who involuntarily appears in the film.

"We turned off the main camera and he really loosened up. […] I think what he reveals in that moment is that when you stop recording, when you no longer feel surveilled, you can open up and be more yourself actually," says Hoback.

You can check out the 9 minutes interview with Hoback to your left.


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