Major Fighting Game Tournaments Add New Rule on Player Collusion

Several major fighting game tournament organizers have decided to standardize rules about player collusion. According to a Shoryuken report, any form of collusion between competitors is now considered cheating and tournament directors who catch any competitor "intentionally underperforming" will disqualify them "immediately."

The North American tournaments that have agreed to this new standard – according to GameSpot – include the Evolution Championship series and all Road to Evo events, Big E Gaming events Winter Brawl, Canada Cup Gaming, Community Effort Orlando, Civil War, East Coast Throwdown, The Fall Classic, Final Round, Level|Up events, MTLSF events, Northwest Majors, Shadowloo Showdown, NorCal Regionals, Toronto Top Tiers events, Treta Championship, and the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament.

The new rule on player collusion is also backed by video game accessories maker Mad Catz and fighting game communities Shoryuken and EventHubs. The fighting game publications promised that they would only cover events that enforce the new collusion rule.

Source: GameSpot


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