China Celebrates the People’s Liberation Army with Glorious Mission Online

On Thursday the People's Liberation Army (PLA) released a video game commemorating the founding of the powerful group developed by Giant Interactive Group. The game (revealed by this Reuters report) is called Glorious Mission Online and lets players put on the uniform of the PLA as it defends contested islands in the East China Sea called "Diaoyu" by the Chinese and "Senkaku" by the Japanese.

The first-person online action game lets players fight against the Japanese forces and yell "patriotic" phrases like "You will not violate our sovereign territory!'" and call the invaders "guizi," a derogatory Chinese term for the Japanese occupiers during World War II. Other messages flash on the screen as players fight Japanese forces like "the guizi are coming!" and "the guizi have been obliterated!" when a mission has been completed.

The game was developed by Giant Interactive Group, a company that operates a number of popular online games in China including the ZT Online 1 Series, ZT Online 2, Elsword, and Allods Online.

Richard Chiang, a spokesman for Giant Interactive, told Reuters that the military fully supports the game and wanted to give Chinese citizens a game that celebrates the Chinese military.

"The military was 100 percent behind this game," he said. "Rather than playing the same foreign games like Call of Duty and being American Marines shooting Russians or whatnot, Chinese can actually play as Chinese soldiers."

Source: Reuters

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    David says:

    That's right, China.  Let's pretend that two uninhabitable rocks in the sea are worth going to war over.  (Or are you trying to get to the point where you actually DO go to war over them?)

    If there was ever a time to employ nuclear weapons, it would be now, in order to obliterate those stupid rocks and avert what's bound to be a costly, senseless war.

  2. 0
    DorthLous says:

    Re-read my comment. At no point did I say "Chinese are silly or stupid for doing this" or anything similar. You know why? Because I don't abstract their entire population and culture to a single stereotype, easy to discuss. But you do. Again.

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    CoconutCyclone says:

    I'm sorry, are you trying to relate Nanking to the holocaust? You can't even begin to compare those two events! The only similarty they have is that people lost their lives in very different, horrible ways. That's where that ends. You know who else lost their lives in different but horrible ways? Every ethnicity group and/or country on this planet. You are not special. China is not special. Get over yourself.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Do we tell the Jews or the people speaking up for the Jews to let's say talk about what happened to them by the Germans in a better way that does not sound bitter?

    The Rape of Nanking and what happened to China is an atrocity that should not be forgotten and it will take many years for those scars to heal and that is even if they ever do.

    See…when you see games like this there is always a comment on how the Chinese are silly or stupid for doing this but do we blame the Jewish Film Makers who make films that go after the German people and blame them for what happened during and before World War II?

    Do we ask them to stop showing their tattooed arms and tell them to, "move forward" and stop reflecting in the past?

    Or that it's insane that a culture or a people could still hold a grudge decades later? 


  5. 0
    DorthLous says:

    … Can you post anything on a story that isn't hateful? Even what you just brought up could have been brought up in a hundreds different ways, all better and less offensive. How about talking about unhealed scars due to the abuse of some of the worst individuals during the war and then link an article about this? Or, how about there are atrocities in each wars, but to move forward, this is exactly the kind of action one must not take? Why must all your posts border on either insanity or hate speech?

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    After Japan literally went up and down raping China and chasing virgins sort of like their erotic games it's about time this came about.  Many Americans who love Japanese Culture do not like or understand China's immense hatred for Japan but many Chinese are still alive who were violated by Imperial Japan. 

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