A Game Jam About Boobs

Boob Jam, a developer game jam inspired by journalist Jenn Frank, hopes to create games that take the focus away from breasts as sexual objects, and put it on the challenges (and importance) of women having them.

From Frank's tweet people began talking about breasts beyond jiggle physics and as sexual objects. This led to a novel idea: why not create a game jam that can explore breasts in a non-sexual way?

And so this Tumblr came to life proposing just that.

Here is how the Tumblr for The Boob Jam explains the whole point of this exercise:

Game critics, players, and big-budget developers sure seem to love talking about boobs. It never ends! Are they too big, are they too small, are they not covered-up enough, are the boobs believable for the character…? Oh, and jiggle physics! Jiggle physics are a big deal!

For the rest of us, though, boobs aren’t necessarily playthings for other people. They’re just something we have. We live with “jiggle physics" every day. Sometimes boobs get in the way. Sometimes we have to cut them off. Sometimes it makes walking up the street a chore (since, after all, boobs can be the most salient sex or gender marker). Some of us wish we had boobs; some of us curse the day they arrived. Boobs are actually… kinda complicated!

The page goes on to explain how developers could use this opportunity to explain the challenges of having big or small breasts, the importance of breasts to a new mother or someone becoming a woman, the reality of breast size to a super hero or a warrior, how breasts are sexualized by people who aren't men, the fear of illness such as breast cancer, or the importance of promoting breast health.

You can learn more about the game jam here. The Boob Jam will run until the end of September.

Source: Eurogamer

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