Report: Xbox One Designed to Stay on for Ten Years

According to Eurogamer sister publication Digital Foundry, the Xbox One was designed to stay on for ten years. Tapping sources inside Microsoft, Digital Foundry says that the design of the Xbox One was based on a "brief that bore the 10-year lifecycle in mind, in which the console would remain switched on."

Because engineers wanted the console to be able to stay on – sometimes in a standby state – for ten years, they also had to tackle issues related to adequate heat dissipation and noise. The report notes that fan noise is only noticeable during gaming, when the AMD processor is "under duress." Microsoft has also apparently found a way to keep the console cooler so that certain components within will stay cool and avoid the damage caused by overheating…

Another feature revealed is reduced game load times on the Xbox One. They are doing this by retaining "game states in RAM while the unit is inactive," allowing players to resume playing a game with minimal waiting time upon the console "waking up."

It's interesting that Microsoft thinks its system can stay on continuously for a ten year period given how many times consumers had to replace their Xbox 360 consoles during its life cycle. I have purchased three systems since its launch, compared to one Wii system and two PlayStation 3 systems. Hopefully by thinking about these issues during the design process Microsoft has created a console that you'll only have to buy once or twice…

You can read the entire report here.

Source: Eurogamer



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