New Fox Sitcom About Game Developers Gets Panned for Casual Racist and Sexist Humor

This fall Fox will air a new show produced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane called "Dads." If you haven't seen the barrage of commercials airing on Fox about the show, it's about two game developers played by Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi who have to deal with their fathers moving in with them. But critics who have seen an early screening of the upcoming show are saying it employs casual sexism and racism to tell much of its ill-received humor.

According to The Daily Mail the show is "crass, sexist and racially insensitive" and relies on "poop jokes and sexy Asian schoolgirl jokes for cheap laughs." Some have leveled accusations that the show is "nasty about women of color" and that it’s "casually racist."

The producers of the show have listened to some of that criticism, promising to tweak the tone of the series as the season unfolds. The producers did try to defend the show's use of questionable humor by saying that it "focused on human frailties."

Dads debuts on September 17th on Fox.

Source: MCV

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    Scott1701c says:

    This is going to sound strange coming from me. But the episode (that I think you are speaking of) that was "banned" was a really good one that had a really good message about equality.

    It was the finale episode (the first time they were canceled). It was called "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" and many (who I can only assume never watched the episode) thought it was anti-Semitic.  But it really was not, IF you paid attention to it. According to Seth McFarland in the Commentary (I really like commentaries) the episode was even showed to many Rabies (Jewish Priests) who said it had a good message about the Jewish people being the same as everyone else.


    Honestly, I did not mind them ragging on religion (even Christianity, and I am rather devout), I mean everything has something that can be made into a (tasteful) joke. They did push the 'tasteful' boundaries at times, but they usually stayed in.  BUT after they came back on the air the second time, it seemed like they 'only' made fun of Conservatives and Christians, and that rubbed me the wrong way. Though, I have too admit, there was one or two later episodes that did help a bit by making jokes about Brian's Far-Left views, though I had moved onto other shows by that time. I did see the Rush Limbaugh episode and thought it was very good.

    (Wiki search time)

    Found it, "Excellence in Broadcasting". I liked the whole Joke about Brian not reading the book but still telling Rush Limbaugh on how bad it was (admittedly not just liberals, but most people have have not read the "horrible" books the opposite side of politics writes). Also, how mad can I really be at Family Guy, If Rush Limbaugh guest stars on the show promoting his book? (I did mention, I am a conservative).


    Conclusion, I do not "hate" the show. I think it is more that I "Grew" out of that kind of constant, sometimes overly harsh, satirical humor. I still watch them on occasion, but I have not bought any of the newer DVDs. Though I might get one more for the Rush Limbaugh episode.


    Dang, I need to learn to stop typing all my thoughts on any given subject. These get long.

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    GrimCW says:

    Strangely despite the sensitive material having gotten them banned (ragging on major religions besides Hebrew being a big one for one episode that got "banned")

    I agree, most of its gone downhill. Even Stewie noticed it when he mentioned he hasn't been up to his old quality in trying to destroy lois… Lately i think they've stretched it out so far they've hit the Simpsons rut where they're just reaching for things now.

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    hellfire7885 says:

    They could just be honest and say they thought the jokes were too easy, since we've heard all of these stereotypes thrown at gamers and even game devlopers.

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    GrimCW says:

    Have they never watched ANYTHING seth mcfarlane has ever done? 

    Thats 99.9% of his usual work.. Throw in some casual anti sematic themes and you've got 100% seth mcfarlane!

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