New Fox Sitcom About Game Developers Gets Panned for Casual Racist and Sexist Humor

This fall Fox will air a new show produced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane called "Dads." If you haven't seen the barrage of commercials airing on Fox about the show, it's about two game developers played by Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi who have to deal with their fathers moving in with them. But critics who have seen an early screening of the upcoming show are saying it employs casual sexism and racism to tell much of its ill-received humor.

According to The Daily Mail the show is "crass, sexist and racially insensitive" and relies on "poop jokes and sexy Asian schoolgirl jokes for cheap laughs." Some have leveled accusations that the show is "nasty about women of color" and that it’s "casually racist."

The producers of the show have listened to some of that criticism, promising to tweak the tone of the series as the season unfolds. The producers did try to defend the show's use of questionable humor by saying that it "focused on human frailties."

Dads debuts on September 17th on Fox.

Source: MCV

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