Sony Ad Tells Parents They Can Avoid Sex Talk With Their Kids by Buying PS Devices

Where do babies come from? Here's a PS Vita or a PS3.

Kotaku points out a new ad campaign running in Argentina that offers a unique marketing pitch: buy your kids Sony's systems so you can avoid talking about sex. The ad was sent in by Kotaku reader Damian Hernaez, who saw it in Buenos Aires and sent a picture in. Translated into English, the tagline for the ad (pictured to your left) reads:

"When your son is playing he doesn't ask you how he was conceived."

It is certainly a unique pitch for Sony's PS Vita hand-held and its PS3 home console, but we wonder who on earth came up with this campaign?

Is talking about sex with your children so difficult in a country like Argentina that you'd spend over a thousand pesos to avoid the subject altogether?

I don't know the answer to this question, but I would guess Sony must have done some market research… Either that or its marketing team in South America has a strange sense of humor…

Source: Kotaku

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