A Wasted Life Kickstarter Launches

E. Zachary Knight pointed out a new Kickstarter funding campaign for a game called A Wasted Life.  Developed by fellow Oklahoma developer Robert Dishong, A Wasted Life is a zombie survival game promising procedural weapons, randomly generated environments to explore, and a "dynamic" story system. The game begins with that old trope: "you wake up and don't remember how you got there." As you survey your surroundings you note that city you are currently in is utterly destroyed and that the destruction has something to do with the human race being infected by nanites… Odd.

Playing from a top-down perspective, players explore their (randomly generated) surroundings, attempt to build shelter, craft useful items from junk found in the environment, survive the zombie hordes, and search for clues to your identity.

The game looks to be in its pre-alpha stages, judging by the video to your left, but it certainly looks like – if it delivers on all it promises – it could be a fun and interesting game.

You can learn more about A Wasted Life here. Dishong is trying to raise $5,000 to fund further development.


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