‘OFF Pocket’ Promises to Keep Government from Tracking Your Phone

Worried about the NSA or the FBI snooping your favorite mobile device? Well then, this Kickstarter (thanks TechCrunch) for OFF Pocket is right up your alley. Off Pocket is described by its creators as a water-resistant metal-fabric pouch specifically designed to hold a smartphone and block all types of wireless signals. From their perspective, when you are out and about with your phone it is basically serving as a mobile tracking device for anyone that is smart enough to follow cellular, wi-fi, or GPS signals. The OFF Pocket has a shielding score of over 100dB for frequencies between 800MHz and 2.4GHz, according to its creators.

The Kickstarter campaign seeks $35,000 in funding to get the second-generation of this product to market – which should be sometime in late September for backers. Currently the campaign has raised over $23,900 with 22 days more to go.

Other products from AH Products include thermal-signature reduction fashion (to hide from drones), CV Dazzle (to avoid facial recognition technology), and Camoflash (anti-paparazzi fashion accessory).

You can learn more about the company's nifty fashions at ahprojects.com.

Source: TechCrunch

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