Czarcade’s Clobbr Named ‘Best in Show’ at North American Indie Prize Showcase

Developer Czarcade was the big winner at the first annual North American Indie Prize Showcase which took place this week at the Casual Connect Conference in San Francisco. Czarcade's mobile game Clobbr took the top prize, being named Best in Show. Other big winners were East Side Games' Dargon Up for mobile devices, ClickShake Games' The Ballads of Reemus, Barking Mouse Studio's Lost Toys, and Muse Games' Icarus Online.

Developer Czarcade was awarded Best in Show for the casual mobile puzzle game Clobbr. The Indie Prize for Best in Show was determined by the audience of show attendees and developers participating in the Indie Prize Showcase. The remaining nine awards where determined by the Casual Connect Indie Prize Committee.

Five game development teams also received the Director's Choice award (sponsored by Unity): Winning Blimp with Mosaique; Keybol with Pretentious Game 2; MagicalTimeBean with Escape Goat 2; Archive Entertainment with 8BitMMO; and, StaalMedia with Steamyballs. Elin Jonsson, co-founder and artist at Imaginary Games also received the Most Prominent Female Developer Award.

A full list of winners can be found below:

INDIE PRIZE SHOWCASE AWARDS LIST (award/ title/ developer/ platform):
– Best In Show: Clobbr by Czarcade (Mobile)
– Best Game Art: Dragon Up by East Side Games (Mobile)
– Best Game Audio: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams by Black Forest Games (Console/Steam)
– Most Innovative Game: 7 Grand Steps by Mousechief (PC Download)
– Best Story: The Ballads of Reemus by ClickShake Games (PC Download)
– Most Promising Game in Development: Lost Toys by Barking Mouse Studio (Mobile)
– Best Mobile Game: Skiing Fred by Dedalord Games (Mobile)
– Best Desktop Game: Guns of Icarus Online by Muse Games (Steam)
– Best Puzzle Game: Rise of The Blobs by Robot Invader (Mobile)
– Best Multiplayer: Astroflux by Fula Fisken (Online browser)

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