Xbox One's Game DVR Feature Exclusive to Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

August 7, 2013 -

While this won't come as any surprise given the vast differences between holding an Xbox Live Silver and Gold account, Microsoft has confirmed that only one type of subscriber will have the ability to record and share gameplay on Xbox One through its Game DVR feature.

Microsoft confirmed with One Hit Pixel that the Game DVR feature will only be available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Xbox Live Gold subscribers will also get exclusive access to other features including the OneGuide TV guide feature, SmartMatch, and Skype.

"I can confirm that Game DVR features will be available to Xbox Live Gold members only," a representative for Microsoft told One Hit Pixel.

Announced during Microsoft's pre-E3 press event for Xbox One, Game DVR allows players to record gameplay at 720p (30 frames per second) and share it online.

Source: Polygon



Re: Xbox One's Game DVR Feature Exclusive to Xbox Live Gold ...

I am not at all surprised by this news. The functionality was going to be using Microsoft's servers and services. There is no way they were going to give this functionality to nonpaying XBone owners.

Re: Xbox One's Game DVR Feature Exclusive to Xbox Live Gold ...

I find it funny that people are applauding that, because, according to them, it will keep the crap out.  Pretty much ignoring mountains upon mountains of jerkwads that populate the Live community even though it is pay to play online (ontop of the internet fees).  And I still have that niggling feeling that the Rep system's going to get abused

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