Microsoft Releases Xbox One Unboxing Video

August 8, 2013 -

Microsoft's Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson) released an Xbox One "Day One Edition" unboxing video detailing what you get if you have the courage to drop $500 on the upcoming console on launch day. The Day One Edition comes with the Xbox One system, a controller, an Xbox One Chat Headset, a quick start guide, and an HDMI cable (which supports 4K).

The Xbox One offers a 500GB hard drive, a slot load Blu-ray drive, an IR blaster port, HDMI input and output connectors, a S/PDIF interface, the new Kinect sensor port, three USB 3.0 Super Speed ports, Wired and Wireless network support, and a Kensington Security Slot.

You can learn more about the system on or you could just watch the video...


Re: Microsoft Releases Xbox One Unboxing Video

the power button is actually the xbox one emblem on the console, I actually suspected this awhile back when when looking at a picture of a white development kit that someone posted on reddit

America has just became its own version of the Jerry Springer Show after a bizarre moment in Florida involving a carnival worker.

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