Gaming with Google Glass

While a majority of the stories about Google Glass are about privacy concerns, people being idiots with the wearable device, or some Google Glass wearer getting banned from a business because it creeps everyone around them out, it can be used for pursuits many of us are interested in – like gaming.

GIGA OM says that a number of developers are tapping into the tiny screen of Google's wearable computing device for games, and points out one in particular that was recently demonstrated by Kenji Castro on his Google+ page. Castro took a video (to your left) of a game streaming from an Android phone. The game is called PSYCLOPs and is being developed by Sean McCracken, who describes it as 3D Space Invaders meets Missile Command.

In the game alien ships shoot beams at a planet below. The player has to turn their head to line up the ships with a target sight. After a few seconds of holding that target on a given ship, it gets blown up…

It's an interesting first step for Google Glass and gaming. Hopefully more developers will find interesting and innovative ways to make use of the device.

You can learn more about the game here.

Source: GIGA OM

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