New Jersey Court Approves Used Game Lawsuit Against GameStop

A federal judge in Camden, New Jersey has given the greenlight on a lawsuit against GameStop filed by three customers who claim that three of the company's South Jersey stores sold used games that sometimes cost more than buying the game new. The lawsuit alleges that GameStop did not disclose to customers that buying used games would have additional costs of anywhere from $10 – $15 online. All three of the plaintiffs bought EA games, which up until recently contained online passes.

John Farley of Marlton, New Jersey was the first to sue the company. He bought Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit X used in 2011, took it home and tried to play it online. That was when he was hit with an extra fee of $15.

Jamar McGhee of Beverly and Hakana Ozdincer of Blackwood also alleged that GameStop deceived them when they bought used games. Each paid $45 for used games: McGhee bought Madden 2010, and Ozdincer purchased FIFA Soccer 2010. Both had to pay an additional fee to play it online.

The lawsuit seeks refunds for those who bought games since June 2006 in New Jersey.

A similar lawsuit in California led to a settlement by the retailer in April of last year. GameStop agreed to pay consumers who purchased certain used video games (we assume those containing online passes) $15. GameStop also agreed to post signs on its shelves for the next two years in California stores and online notifying customers that they may have to pay extra for the DLC that's tied to used games.

Electronic Arts discontinued the use of online passes earlier this year, admitting that the scheme was a bad idea.


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