Report: Amazon Working on Android-Based Console

Game Informer reports that Amazon is moving into the home console space, with plans to launch its own console by year's end. Speaking to GI, several sources close to the situation say that Amazon is developing an Android-based console that will release by the year's end – perhaps on Black Friday.

The sources speaking to GI claim that Amazon plans to leverage software already available on its Amazon App Store, which likely means that gamers won't have access to apps on Google Play – much like what Amazon did with its Kindle Fire devices. The console will also have its own dedicated controller.

Being able to play all the games or use all the other apps that are already on the Amazon App store could give Amazon's console a leg up on other systems like the Ouya, who have also taken a walled garden approach to games, but currently lack a huge catalog. On the other hand, Amazon's App Store is a closed ecosystem, which means that an app on Google Play takes a lot longer to make it over to Amazon devices. Sometimes those apps don't make it to Amazon's store at all…

We'll have more on this story as it develops. Amazon has not publicly commented on this story


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