Target Ad Shows PS Vita for $200

August 9, 2013 -

Back in June one of the things many consumers wanted to hear during Sony's E3 press conference was that the company had finally given in to the idea that the PS Vita hand-held was just too expensive. The PS Vita retails for right around the price of a brand new PlayStation 3 console. Unfortunately we didn't hear Sony say those words then and it hasn't indicated it has any plans in the future to slash the price of the hand-held.

Ultimately that means if you want to get a PS Vita at a reasonable price you have to wait for a decent sale to roll around, and according to a leaked ad, Target will offer just such a sale.

According to a leaked Target sales flyer posted on Bluray Forums (registration required), all PlayStation Vita systems will be marked down to $199 at Target beginning August 18 through August 24. Target has not confirmed the validity of this ad.

Sony cut the price of PS Vita in Japan in February, but said in February that North America wouldn't be getting the same treatment. At the time Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that decisions about price drops are made on a region-by-region basis.

You can check out the ad below:


Re: Target Ad Shows PS Vita for $200

Inside Gaming Daily reported last week about speculation that Sony would release a $500 Vita PS4 bundle.  I think I'll wait for that.  And if it never materializes, I'm cool with that, I've already got my PS4 reserved anyway.  They should make the Vita that cheap anyway, since the scuttlebutt is that the proprietary media for the Vita is egregiously expensive.  Which is tough to swallow because depending on your game collection, you may NEED that media.  Assuming you don't want to keep deleting and reinstalling 1 or 2 games at a time.

Re: Target Ad Shows PS Vita for $200

Put a HDMI port and a new medievil game on it and I am game!

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