‘All You Can Arcade’ Offers Arcade Game Machines for $75 a Month

Seth and Timothy Peterson have come up with an interesting business idea for California: an arcade game rental service that charges a monthly fee to get classic arcade game cabinets in the hands of classic arcade gaming aficionados. The San Francisco-based company is called "All You Can Arcade," and lets customers rent such arcade classics as Tron, Ms. Pac Man, and Donkey Kong for $75 a month. The brothers launched the service last month.

The Petersons are adding to their inventory (they have their own personal collection of machines that they have bought and repaired over the years as a hobby) by buying machines cheap on Craigslist and eBay, and restoring them to their former glory.

"It's a lot of fun looking for the bargains, scoring them off Craigslist or eBay or through the Internet forums. Anywhere we can find them," said Seth Peterson.

The service currently operates only in California, but the Petersons say that they are working on bringing the service to the East Coast later this year. For a $75 membership, you can get any game you want and can switch machines out every month if you want as well. There's no shipping or delivery fees, or late charges, and all machines are set to "unlimited play" (meaning no quarters required), according to the company's web site.

You can learn more about All You Can Arcade by visiting www.allyoucanarcade.com.

Source: Mercury News


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