Iwata: Wii U Price Not the Problem

Speaking to CVG, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata dismissed the suggestion that the reason the Wii U is performing so poorly at retail is due to its price tag. Instead, Iwata blamed a lack of software as the issue behind Wii U's lost momentum. He comes to this conclusion based on the fact that the Wii U Basic model is not selling better than the Premium model at retail.

"If the price is actually an issue [with Wii U], then there is some contradiction between the current sales balance between the Basic and Premium versions of the Wii U," Iwata said.

Some retailers have expressed a need for a cut of the retail price tag on Wii U, which Nintendo is not interested in doing at this time. Some have even taken their own measures to unofficially slash the Wii U price, while other retailers have stopped stocking the cheaper Basic model. But all this talk of price cuts is not phasing Iwata one bit. He strongly believes that a stronger line-up of key game releases is what will put the platform back on top.

"I understand that the real issue is the lack of software, and the only solution is to provide the mass-market with a number of quality software titles."

The challenge for Nintendo is in getting third-parties to develop more games for the system – which they won't do until the system starts seeing a major upswing in sales…

Source: CVG


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